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Analysis of the current talcum industry
Source: | Author:beihaigroup | Publish time: 2017-11-05 | 565 Views | Share:

Since this year, the overall operation of the talc industry in China has been running smoothly. The three key enterprises in Liaoning, Shandong and Guangxi have a strong momentum of development and considerable economic benefits. The problems of the current industry are as follows: (1) the output of high quality resources is slightly reduced and the price is rising. The export prices of talcum in the three regions of Liaoning, Shandong and Guangxi increased by 10% - 20%. The middle and low grade products such as papermaking powder have little rise, and high quality talcum with high whiteness >90 degree and high purity has a great increase. High white and high purity raw materials are tightening, but the demand for domestic and foreign markets is increasing, and the supply of international markets is not in demand. With the reduction of high grade talcum, the development and utilization of middle and low grade talcum is imperative. At present, there are still some problems in the use of this kind of products in the downstream industry. (3) the cancellation of the export tax rebate of the talcum will give the export disordered competition to cool again. In spite of this, companies that run talcum still have no intention of withdrawing from the market. 4. Currently, the bidding policy of talc export quota has played a certain role in controlling the total volume of talc export in China. However, there are many problems in the allocation mechanism and specific measures of quota, which is mainly manifested in the unfair distribution of quantity and the high price of license, and the aggravation of enterprise burden. The industry expects that the government's export can control the total quantity, guide the market, adjust prices, lighten the burden of enterprises, and reflect the new policies and implementation methods of fairness and justice.

The development trend of China's future talc industry: one is the primary factor resources are still directly affect the market supply and demand, price and economic benefits; two is the deep processing of products produced by the industry direction, with ordinary powder production to meet the demand for downstream products to a variety of special powder, talc is the necessary way to improve the added value of products, improve economic efficiency; the three is with the high quality talc resource decreasing and the export tax rebates and production costs increase, the price of the product of talc will gradually increase.