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Second public bidding for the 2015 talcum block (powder) export quota
Source: | Author:beihaigroup | Publish time: 2017-11-05 | 569 Views | Share:

The second public bidding for the export quota of talcum block (powder) in 2015 will begin in July 15, 2015. According to the relevant provisions of the bidding rules for export commodity quotas and the detailed rules for the implementation of export quotas for industrial products ([2001]626), the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
First, the name and scope of the bidding goods
Talcum block (powder)
Commodity Customs Code:
25261020 is not broken and not powdered talc
25262020.01 talcum powder
Other natural talc has broken or powdered has 25262020.90
38249091 a mixture of more than 50% talcum by weight

Two. Number of tenders
The number of public bidding for this talcum powder: 225 thousand tons

Three. Time for bidding
Bidding time: 16 -7 month, July 15, 2015
Tender closing time: July 16, 2015 16:00
Opening time: 10:00 in July 17, 2015

Four, the way of bidding
Bidding through the "China international e-commerce network". The enterprise cast a electronic tender in the fixed closing time ago can, when the electronic tender an enterprise successfully sent two copies of the above (including two), the bid documents shall be regarded as invalid.
After completing the bidding operation 10 minutes later, the enterprise can log on to the information service system of the electronic tendering business on the China International Electronic Commerce website to inquire whether the bidding document has been successfully received by the host. The closing 30 minutes before the bid submitted by the enterprise query system cannot ensure that the feedback tender will be successfully received news host.
Such as electronic bidding failure, please no later than 2 hours before the closing time for the same customer Chinese international electronic commerce center service hotline, timely troubleshooting. Otherwise, the failure of the operation of the enterprise will be responsible for its own failure.
The technical guarantee of electronic bidding is in charge of the China International Electronic Commerce Center (EDI), and the specific operational problems are explained by EDI.

Phone: 010-67870108 (customer service center)
Fax: 010-67800343

Five. The amount of tender
(1) the minimum tender amount is 200 tons, and the maximum amount of tender is divided according to the average annual export and supply quantity of the enterprise for 2012-2014 years. The specific filing scheme is as follows:
Average annual export and maximum quantity of tender
The average annual export and supply quantity of 2 thousand tons is equal to or equal to 34%
Less than 2 thousand tons of 680 tons
(two) the average annual export and supply quantity = the actual annual average export volume x 0.88 + the actual annual average export amount / the national average export unit price x 0.12+, the average annual supply quantity x 0.2.
For example, the average annual export volume of an enterprise is more than the average annual supply quantity. The average annual export and supply quantity = the actual annual average export quantity x 0.88 + the actual annual average export amount / the national average export unit price x 0.12.
(three) any bid amount is higher than the highest bid amount or less than the minimum amount of bid tender is invalid.

Six. The lowest bid price
In this bid, the lowest bid price is set up, and the tender enterprise may directly receive the lowest bid price determined by the Tender Committee on the electronic tender. The bidding committee below the prescribed minimum bid price level of bid are invalid.

Seven, the bid price and the number of winning bidder
The bidding price of all bidders will be sorted from high to low, and the number of bidders should be accumulated according to the sequence of bidding. When the total number of bids is equal to the total amount of bidding, the enterprises who enter the total amount of bidding, i.e. the total amount of bidding, is the bid winning enterprise.
The number of the winning bidder is the number of the tender. If the amount of the tender in the lowest bid price is more than the number of the remaining quotas, the enterprise at this price is allocated the surplus quota according to the proportion of its tender. If the number of the successful bidder is lower than the number of the lowest tender, it shall be treated at the end of the bid. The bid price of the enterprise is the tender price of the enterprise.

Eight. The result query of the winning bid
The bid will be opened at 10:00 on July 17, 2015, and the preliminary results will be published on the next day in China's international electronic commerce network. If there is any doubt, the tender can be submitted to the bidding office by 15:00 on July 20th. From July 22nd, the bidding enterprises can inquire through the China International Electronic Commerce Network (China International Electronic Commerce Network) to check the bid status of the enterprises officially announced by the tender committee. The tender office will no longer issue a written notice of the winning bid to the enterprises.